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Our Website: Facebook: https:// I recently discovered Hanabi games and I have to say I absolutely LOVE them. Both guys were so adorable and easy to fall in love with. I felt like I was really the MC going through all this and then finding friends and love..was an awesome story and I can't wait for the next part to see how the story continues to develops.

GAH I love how these game make a stronger female lead and the parts where you laugh and even want to cry with the touching moments are truly a treasure!!

Nor does the drama play out as you’d normally expect on an MTV competition series.

We’ll talk about why Doc Love advocates some of the crazy advice that he does, and what parts men should follow.

When a woman meets a man, she is either interested in him or not.

While two lesser women would start fighting over Nicole, Laurel and Cara Maria are not about that life.

Each of them has been on reality TV for quite some time, and they’re immune to becoming the worst version of themselves , in the high-pressure and alcohol-soaked situations MTV loves to create for their casts.

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