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He told me that that was all I get for now, and that next time, he was going to fuck my brains out. Seriously though, you look so pathetic I just can’t control the giggles that want to erupt!

I really do believe that CBT phone sex is an art form because there are so many methods that can be used to cause pain and torture. I have several favorites, but one of them is to tie your cock and balls up and make them my puppet.

He sucked and licked my pussy lips, and fingered my tight, wet cunt. I shivered and came while gripping his salt and pepper hair. I am Blake, a blonde bombshell with an excessive need for control. Instead of waiting to cum like he was told, he did it anyway. You know they belong in the control of a superior woman.

My juices dripped all down my legs, and he licked it all up like a champ. It is great entertainment and an extreme turn on to see you all tied up.

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