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È entrato direttamente alla vetta delle classifiche sia in Irlanda che in Regno Unito, dove ha venduto 210.000 copie in una sola settimana, divenendo il secondo miglior debutto dell'anno.Nel 2012 pubblicano l'album d'esordio dal titolo DNA, anticipato dal singolo Wings, seguito nel 2013 dal secondo disco chiamato invece Salute.

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For more information on this strange phenomena check out our article: Sheng Nu - The Unwanted Women of China. This can actually help you if you are a foreign guy interested in dating a Chinese woman, because the women in China today are often operating with a different set of expectations than most Chinese men.

The status of women in China is shockingly low by Western standards. Many Chinese women seeking marriage are very attracted to the images of relationships they see in the Western media.

Well, there are over 600,000,000 Chinese women and the odds are that one of them will be right for you.

The great thing about Chinese dating is that there is so much diversity among Chinese singles.

Estimating a date of mixture of ancestral South Asian populations Linguistic and genetic studies have demonstrated that almost all groups in South Asia today descend from a mixture of two highly divergent populations: Ancestral North Indians (ANI) related to Central Asians, Middle Easterners and Europeans, and Ancestral South Indians (ASI) not related to any populations outside the Indian subcontinent.

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