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We will use following hashmap for our example: Here we will use new foreach loop introduced in JDK5 for iterating over any map in java and using Key Set of map for getting keys.this will iterate through all values of Map and display key and value together.

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Listview itemupdating

in Java and we all familiar of either all of those or some of those.

But to my surprise one of my friends was asked in his interview (he has more than 6 years of experience in java programming) to write code for getting values from hashmap or Tree Map in Java with at least 4 ways.

NET Web Forms developers and is preferred between other similar controls, such as the . It supports all the CRUD operations for your data-binded items plus is fully customizable.

Rather than talking let’s create a Web Form where we will use a List View control to support CRUD operations for our items.

Leave the default name for the namespace Movie Store Model and click finish to exit the wizard.

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