Secret fucking in woodstock il - Lineage 2 gameguard not updating

by  |  17-Nov-2019 06:20

lineage 2 gameguard not updating-10

If you’re experiencing errors with Game Guard we recommend you first ensure that you do not have the retail version of Game Guard installed and are only using the integrated version with Lineage II.

If you’re unsure if you have the additional version installed you can look through your Installed programs list through the Control Panel.

I keep getting the same error NO MATTER what I try (and ive tried EVERYTHING including rebooting my pc) Game Guard unable to update, anyone else?

I did a full reinstall then had off every virus protector just to update the gg. Also Nc u have any form of virus scanner prove took like mcaffe just contact that product and they will help u fully unjnstall the software if u need.

Sidenotes: Never start Lineage 2 through the Lineage2in the main folder, only if there is an update start Lineage2.exe, let it update the game and repeat the steps above.

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