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Within ten days, three eminent scholars have passed away.

The three esteemed long-time researchers and writers are Mohammed Alpha Bah, Ogolima Amachree and Svend Holsoe.

Greenleaf's draft proposal essentially containing clauses for a constitution (and not a complete draft) was first sent to the Liberian Commonwealth by the ACS in June 1846 with the ACS Secretary Joseph Tracy making clear that they were only intended as a guide to the impending deliberations of the constitutional convention. From Grand Bassa came John Day, Amos Herring, Anthony W. While it has been conventional wisdom among students of Liberian history that Professor Greenleaf wrote the Constitution of 1847, recent scholarship indicates Greenleaf's unfamiliarity with 19th-century Liberian settler society as reflected in the five constitutional articles.

Once the convention got under way in January 1847, it received from the ACS "additional constitutional articles" from Greenleaf. In addition, it is assumed that neither Greenleaf nor the ACS, controlled as it was by Euro-Americans, could have been responsible for sections 12 and 13 of Article V, which restricted the ownership of property and citizenship rights in Liberia to blacks.

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