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If he is gay, I wish he'd at least stop with the stupid bearding. I wonder if Lukas booked the role because he and Leo finally had the discussion that Lukas needs to pull his weight.

Perhaps the stupidest rumor ever to gain widespread traction on DL is that Leo, who could have any guy on the planet, would choose stick-thin, fugly, probable-heroin-addict Lukas Haas as his longtime lover. I think that's Leo's taste in men, he needs to find them just adorable. The only things I've seen him in in recent years were associated with Leo (Inception and Red Riding Hood--which was co-produced by Leo).

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The husband of "Deal Or No Deal" suitcase model Katie Cleary shot himself to death ...

just weeks after she was photographed getting cozy with Leo Di Caprio and Adrian Grenier. Andrew Stern shot himself in the head Sunday while he was at a shooting range in the San Fernando Valley.

I've always thought the assembly line model "girlfriends" were phony and not believeable.

This was after the Oscar nom for Gilbert Grape but before Titanic.

He hooked her up with her first big Hollywood connection, director James Toback, who cast Bijou in his film Black and White.

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