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“The industry is realizing there’s a gap in the online dating model.

Not everyone meets a match right away and they shouldn’t feel bad. We want to remove the pressure and make this a fun and enjoyable process.” In recent years, online dating has lost much of its stigma.

But the epidemic of dating sites since sprouted in 1995 is a worry. Good old-fashioned serendipity followed by face to face schmoozing, wooing and canoodling.

Boy-meets-girl, once an intoxicating brew of emotion honed in eons of human existence is now a couple of clicks, a touched-up photo and a list of lies. “You avoid a step and instead jump right into a database — and quickly get overwhelmed,” says Ms. “You might be missing someone great because there are too many options.

Many of its members deny they use it out of embarrassment.

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