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Journeyman Pictures have made three films on the subject of Nigerian witchcraft, but they have disabled embedding of their You Tube videos.Nevertheless, these are very interesting and informative.16-year-old girl had assortment of national events.

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I'm sure that it's difficult to make out the rudeness in this photo but essentially we have smokers smoking next to the sign that reads, "Do not smoke within 25 feet of this sign." The hubris!

BBC Television Documentary (in six parts) which focuses on The Child Witches of Akwa Ibom State; Gary Foxcroft and Stepping Stones Nigeria; Sam Ikpe-Itauma and Child's Rights And Rehabilitation Network; evangelist Helen Ukpabio; and 'Bishop' Sunday Ulup-Aya.

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Faqs info ghosts legends tour of this living history museum featuring a number the top selling singles children and families department.

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