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If you want to have the entire movie with ENGLISH SUBTITLES without having to download a huge file from torrents or if you want more video clips like this, simply contact my friend through The Philippine government currently prohibit PORNOGRAPHY --- although you can see people in local markets in the Metro openly buying and selling pirated PORN DVDs.For instance, if you go to Quiapo, you'll most likely be approached by guys who'll convince you to buy 'DVD-DVD', which they pronounce 'di-Bi-di', di-Bi-di' The girl’s name is Anna Marie Guttierez, a very good sexy actress in the 80’s. CLUE: He’s now a prominent politician somewhere in Luzon.WARNING: The video below is UNCENSORED and contains male and female full frontal nudity and sex.

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LEGEND: *LT = loose translation TRIVIAL NOTE: My native languages are French and German so please bear with my loose translation.

Tak lama dulu, salah sorang makcikku terlibat dalam kemalangan.

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Before reading my post about Filipino Erotica, can you guess from which Filipino erotic movie the scene below was taken from?

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