Kershaw blade dating by markings usa dating website

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Lesser chance that it is a G48-8 (8" blade, leather handle, not common enough that it got a nickname I guess).

These stamps are located on the tang of the master blade, and can be used to help identify when the knife was manufactured.

In that year, the company was sold to Coleman, becoming Coleman-Western.

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A shot of the pommel (if it still has it) will help date it a bit better.

By the production numbers, the knife is most-probably a G48-6 (6" blade, leather handle, sometimes referred to as a "Shark" knife) but might be a G48-5 (5" blade, leather handle, sometimes referred to as a "Baby Shark").

Platts, was able to draw on his extensive friendships and family connections in the cutlery world to start Western States Cutlery and Manufacturing of Boulder Colorado.

Through name changes--to Western States Cutlery Co. in 1956--and moves first across town and later to Longmont Colorado, the company stayed under the leadership of the Platt family until 1984.

Narrow down any possibilities by analyzing the construction If there aren’t any intentional identifiers on the blade, it’s still possible to narrow down the possibilities of where, when and who it came from by simply looking at the qualities of the knife.

Kershaw blade dating by markings

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