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Hawai’i will put its 21-match home win streak on the line.

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Kanoa leahey dating

Howard Dashefsky: He holds the never-to-be-beaten record as serving as news anchor for four separate local news networks (a fifth, if you count his work with Oceanic). Shimooka, the obvious teacher’s pet, rubs it in every time he sees the blog host.

He also has played in the College World Series final. Russell Shimooka: A long, long time ago, Shimooka and the blog host took a sports journalism class at UH. Kristine Uyeno: Sure, you all know her as KHON’s reliable Wake Up 2Day anchor. Carrying over my comment from last blog: Wonder if they will make him wear a suit coat (over his shorts).

In addition to being KGMB’s sports director, he also was the Rainbows’ football play-by-play announcer.

He then moved to news, leading to an incredible run atop the ratings.

Most recently, the Waves defeated the Warriors in the semifinals in 2015 in Irvine, Calif.

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