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And she, quote, said "God is good, God will take care of her." I think she feels like the paparazzi have more -- are going to need more help than Jennifer. She hasn`t recovered from some surgery she`s had on her shoulder. Like Pat said, this is a story of a champion, someone who has dealt with adversity and come back and succeeded and she`ll do that again. It could start off about the moon shining too much, but the end argument would be about me had -- doing porn -- you know, I did it before and I quit. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I thought, what? (END VIDEO CLIP) BEHAR: That was a clip from the TLC show, "I didn`t know I was Pregnant" and guess what the show is about? And I go into the bathroom and in the morning, I`m having my son. And so I did what I thought was best for him and I placed him in the toilet which had just a little bit of water and I went and got my mom. BEHAR: Didn`t you feel a baby kicking or anything like that? And I even questioned the several people that I knew were pregnant and said, well, how does it feel?

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GIMELSTOB: Yes, mental illness is a disease, like Pat said. The feeling at Wimbledon right now from the players is how much Jennifer is loved and she feels like tennis has deserted her. I took two pregnancy tests and they both resulted negative. And so I actually thought it was a tumor that I was having, when I saw that he was starting to crown, I`ve seen black and it was his hair, but at the moment, I didn`t know it was his hair. I was passing a tumor -- BEHAR: I see, I don`t -- GUTIERREZ: The second his head came out, that`s when I knew. So I ripped the umbilical cord apart from me and I went and got my mom. GUTIERREZ: We -- well, there was only a little bit of water. GUTIERREZ: Well, because it`s just -- I feel like it`s a miracle that nothing honestly really bad happened to him. I didn`t even go up any clothes sizes or anything along those lines. I was working two jobs, playing softball, working out.

I mean these are things that they make movies about.

Sure, the Iraqi people turned out to vote en masse and this is awesome. Bush Co and all the various talking heads - liberal, conservative and otherwise - shouldn't just plaster photos of Iraqis in line to vote and proclaim the day to be an outright success. They will tell us that George Bush is an heroic crusader, better than Ronald Reagan, and an angel sent to deliver freedom to the oppressed.

And please don't accuse me of comparing the Iraqi people to toddlers. And, hey, I promised you yesterday I was only taking one day off from my Bush Co bashing. Naturally, the surely gloating right will tell us that this is proof of Bush Co's supreme and unwavering vision. In fact, the true tragedy of it all is that Bush Co failed to envision a path for democracy without slaughtering thousands of innocent Iraqis with the blood of American soldiers.

But what Pat -- you said in terms of the structure and she actually alluded to that with the tennis comes the structure, comes a routine.

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