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For brevity, I will present a “timeline” of racist expressions as published by the Society, followed by a more thorough analysis of each quoted text in date order.Quite understandably, some of the sentiments contained in the above timeline may horrify you, but they are all found to be in Watchtower’s early publications (or correspondence, as in the case of Rutherford’s letter to Hitler).And how come they don't believe in heaven or hell? Their beliefs stem from their founder, Charles Taze Russell.

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It should be noted that there are other "Russellite" groups, usually calling themselves "Bible Students," and most of them assert that their beliefs are truer to Russell's teachings than are the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses.

The movement was changed substantially under the leadership of those who succeeded Russell after his death in 1916.

The doctrine of eternal torment of all mankind except the few elect became so abhorrent to him that at the age of seventeen he was a skeptic.

He said: ' A God that would use his power to create human beings whom he foreknew and PREDESTINATED should be eternally tormented, could be neither wise, just nor loving.

I thought that even in the bible Jesus was visited by spirits.

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