Jaden and alexis dating

by  |  13-Dec-2019 10:30

They had already made it into their final year at duel academy.

The final Duel of the Tag Dueling tournament will be Jaden and Alexis from the senior block against Hassleberry and Blair from the junior block.

Alexis comments that Jaden isn't enjoying Dueling as he used to.

When Jaden's turn comes, he Tributes "Cyber Tutu" once again not checking Alexis' Set card, unraveling her plans further.

Jaden realizes that Alexis was right - he doesn't really enjoy Dueling anymore, as his recent Duels have all been life-or-death.

A few weeks later, Tyranno had skipped a year just so he wouldn't get lonely on the island after all his friends left.

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