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Since 1975 we have specialized in the enduring designs of 19th century canoe building pioneer, E. We also offer full restoration and repair services, scale model canoes, limited edition decorated canoes, and related artwork and books.At Island Falls Canoe we take seriously your interests in acquiring the perfect, beautiful and enduring canoe of your dreams.

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The eggs will hatch after an incubation period of 35-42 days.

During incubation and chick rearing, the eggs and chicks are seldom left alone- even at night to protect the chicks from predators.

Dear Jerry and Andrea, Today was the maiden voyage of Chesuncook.

I gingerly put the boat on my car rack, tied it down and set off for San Diego Bay.

Rachel will do most of the incubating and during this time, Steve will provide her with most of her meals.

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