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Holly said Angel was just a friend, and to trying to keep the news under wraps until he replaced her, Hef adamantly denied Madison could be dating anyone else.

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They were last publicly photographed together at Studio 54 during the early morning hours of Feb. Madison had been commuting between Los Angeles and Las Vegas while she was dating Angel, balancing her relationship with Angel with her commitments with Playboy (she was an actual employee of her ex-boyfriend’s company and had an actual job with the pin-up magazine until earlier this month).

Many anticipated the Alaska native to move to Las Vegas permanently in the coming months – and not just because of the bad-boy magician.

She says Criss tried to isolate her from her friends and was jealous of her fame.

“For all his fame, fortune, and success, Criss, to me, seemed cripplingly insecure,” Holly writes.

“They remain very close friends and wish eachother (sic) the very best,” he concluded.

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