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Pre-approval means the student can, absent unusual circumstances, assume approval via Symplicity will be forthcoming, but the electronic creation of the project for approval is a necessary step." Katherine Ball, externship coordinator Sunil Ramalingam, interim director of Externships and Pro Bono Programs All externship placements that are currently approved are pre-approved for pro bono placements (consult Symplicity or the relevant externship director/coordinator if you are unsure).

I have served on the editorial board of the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology.

With respect to the cultural region under consideration here, I have conducted ethnographic, historical, ecological, and linguistic research in the Columbia Plateau continuously since 1975.

This summer, when fisheries biologists sorted through the findings in a screw trap anchored in a central Idaho mountain stream, they discovered Crow was right.

The trap, which collects outmigrating aquatic life, held 119 juvenile Pacific lampreys, which are called ammocetes in their larval stage.

As long as the work being performed is otherwise appropriate pro bono legal work under the program rules, the following placements are considered pre-approved for pro bono work.

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