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However, I really like to add a colorful scarf, dangly earrings or a nice necklace to an outfit.

The children are always so responsive when they see that you take pride in who you are and I genuinely feel that this positive energy radiates throughout the classroom.

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I'm speaking out now in the hopes of urging anyone having a hard time to seek help, and in an attempt to find other survivors like myself. My grandfather sexually abused my mother—his daughter—for years, eventually getting her pregnant, and I am the result.

He's my grandfather and my father; his other seven children are my aunts and uncles, and my brothers and sisters.

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I also know that at break time, or at the end of the day, when I look in the mirror, and like what I’m wearing, it gives me a sense of confidence and no matter how full on the day has been, I feel better about myself.

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