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For Sarah Paulson, who had just such a task in the fourth installment of "American Horror Story," it brought out the tears too. (Yvonne Villarreal)At an early age, perhaps influenced by her parents' relationship, Taylor had decided marriage wasn't for her.

"I wanted to be very free agent and travel and not be beholden to anyone, not have to do anything for anyone." And so she kept herself at a distance in her relationships.

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In the , one can find transgender or transsexual prostitutes. Instead, they operate in parks, gay bars, gay clubs, chat rooms and illegal brothels.

Male prostitution is hardly discussed in the Netherlands, but it is out there – in every province, region and city.

Telephone calls, emails, face-to-face interviews, and visits to gay bars and dating sites such as , one can easily find men who want to have a “paydate”.

The majority of this group work voluntarily, and are not solely dependent on income from these practices.

Says actress Holland Taylor, "I haven't been much altered by my relationships because I think I've never had many that ...

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