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Although the world has come a long way since the discovery of HIV and AIDS in 1976 in Norway, or during the early 1980's when HIV and AIDS became known in the United States, there are still so many assumptions, stigmas and judgments that go along with having this now, 100% livable disease.

In the past, HIV and AIDS were thought of as diseases for homosexuals and drug addicts, but time has taught us how untrue this really is.

Carl Campanile of the reports that previously, a majority of women in NYC contracted HIV by sharing needles during drug use or through sex with men who were IV drug users and did so themselves. But in 2012, Campanile writes, of the 647 women diagnosed with HIV, three-quarters (480 women) had sex with infected men, which "means women are contracting HIV from men who’ve had sex with other men." “Men who engage in sex both with men and women can acquire HIV from a male partner and then transmit the virus to female partners,” an unnamed spokesman for the Centers for Disease Control told the .

“However, these women may not have known of their male partners’ sexual activity.” Black women continue to be most impacted by this, with HIV rates over 12 times higher than the rate among white womenin the city.

Overall, new cases of HIV in NYC have dropped 25 percent since 2008, with a total of 114,926 people living with HIV or AIDS in the city.

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