Heechul dating sohee

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At the end of last year, Shin Dong and Sung Min returned from their mandatory military service, which got the fans excited for a new comeback.When asked when their new album will be happening, Ye Sung replied, “I think we’ll make a comeback after the ’86 members return.

" He called my name as I passed him, my heels swiftly clicking against the smooth paved walkway.

He finally caught up to me and grabbed my arm, his strong fingers firmly gripping around the bend of my elbow.

Please come back again when it’s not busy.” Hee Chul commented on a show, “I heard that if I say, ‘So-and-so is very cute’, that idol becomes a star.” This rumor began when Hee Chul first pointed out his favorite girl idol as Wonder Girls’ 1:1 화장에 첫 도전 후 자신감이 생긴 나는😀🙌 "팬들 초대해서 화장해줘도 되겠는걸?! " 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 #립스틱프린스 #희님 #우주대스타 #우주소녀 #루다 #이루다 #이름부터귀요미 #씹덕상 #덕후몰이 #귀염귀염열매 #나도요즘용어많이알지 #슈주에선누가씹덕상임 #스타일리스트가나는아니라고단호하게말함 #이걸죽여살려 A post shared by Kim Hee Chul (@kimheenim) on Super Junior’s main vocalist, Ye Sung sat down for an interview about his 12 year career as an artist and now an actor.

During the interview, the veteran idol revealed some of the juiciest stories about Super Junior and their upcoming plans on a possible comeback.

I'm an avid kpop fan and my favorite kpop group is the Wonder Girls.

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