Has simon cowell dating paula abdul

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Check out Simon Cowell's girlfriend Lauren Silverman who looked her usual stunning self in a beautiful gown that made the most of her slender figure.

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While, American beauty Nicole added: 'I felt like something was missing for me.

I felt like someone put on the Christmas lights and they weren't shining bright.

"Lois Kills Stewie" featured appearances by Patrick Stewart, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, and Willem Dafoe (although Dafoe did not provide his voice) On Lois' birthday, Brian gives her a pair of cruise tickets with the intention of going with her. Stewie is also upset at not being invited on the cruise, and he concocts a plan to embarrass Lois upon her return.

Brian points out that Stewie has never followed through with any of his plans to hurt Lois.

While there were so many great moments from the epic sendoff, one of our favorites HAD to be Simon Cowell making a surprise appearance and reuniting with his former fellow judges Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson — and of course host Ryan Seacrest!

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