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“It’s understandable that airlines are generally averse to chatbots — many of their customers need instant help with complex issues, and there are some things chatbots are not equipped to solve quite yet,” said Vivian Rosenthal, founder of Snaps.

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“We are moving from desktop, to mobile, to messaging.

Chatbots are the next evolution to augment and help people book travel in the place where they already spend most of their time: in messaging applications,” said Rosenthal.

There is a controversy about a certain chat bot in some chat rooms.

The one major disagreement is about the bot greeting new users in chat.

Passengers should be able to easily chat with airlines one on one.” That said, Rosenthal said there are common problems that chatbots built by airlines can easily solve for their passengers, like checking in, booking new flights and real-time status updates from the airlines directly.

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