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The Boise State Extended Studies Military Program has a scheduling system based on the traditional Fall/Spring semester.

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And yet, despite over $1.6 million in career tournament earnings, TV appearances, and status as one of the most famous people in poker, Clonie Gowen has all but disappeared from the poker world.

Other than her lawsuit against Full Tilt Poker (more on that in a second), she really hasn’t been heard from since January of 2009.

They find other married couples with similar interests and they go somewhere fun together. I hate loud noises, crowds, or any kind of obligation where I’m expected to be a productive addition to a group setting.

They all get together and play cards, eat chips and dip, and watch Redbox. It’s not that I hate people; I just like less people better. I enjoy being around someone I can be myself with, and while I know there’s people out there like that, I also know that I already live with one. So typically I’m quite content to stay holed up with my honey.

I think we kinda got that peas and carrots thing going on.

Gowen dating

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