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Or are you single but wondering if marriage is part of God’s plan for you?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got two short new devotions dedicated to helping you (and your significant other, if you have one) think through the exciting (and maybe intimidating) topic of marriage!

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Use free daily devotionals from your favorite pastors, authors, and speakers as a way to spend daily quiet time with God.

Discover how devotions can help you make postive changes in your life toward living out the promises of God.

Its original meaning was “awe-inspiring,” “worthy of . And so today awful has come to mean “terrible, dreadful, appalling”; something not just bad but “exceedingly bad.”7 Hardly the kind of thing you would expect a graduation speaker to advise you to be.

My admonition is that you be awful in its original, unpejorated sense—that you always be aware of things that are awe-inspiring. “Psychologists have described awe as the experience of encountering something so vast—in size, skill, beauty, intensity, etc.—that we struggle to comprehend it.”8 It is the kind of thing that Moses experienced when God showed him the purpose, creation, and history of this earth.

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