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On one hand, the culture is absolutely saturated with sexuality, littered with female objectified body parts: porn is everywhere; sexualized images of women are everywhere.And we’re so anxious about that we’re unwilling to have honest discussions with girls about sexuality.When shown a set of two dolls, one in revealing clothes and the other in trendy by covered-up clothes, about 70 percent of girls in the study said they looked more like the sexy doll and that the sexy doll was more popular than the non-sexy doll.

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Check out the calorie-burning profile of each romantic activity below (based on the body weight of a 150-lb woman) along with tips from experts on ramping things up to maximize the amount of calories burned.

Remember how, when you were first dating, you'd start locking lips and 30 minutes later you'd come up for air?

Once you hit menopause, your skin quality diminishes and suddenly you may notice your face is extremely dry.

By having sex and getting the blood and oxygen flowing, you can keep dry skin away regardless of your age." / Remember we said having sex boosts collagen production?

, explores young women’s conflicted experiences of and attitudes toward sex within a culture that ignores and misrepresents female sexual pleasure. Marketing to children began in the ’50s but accelerated in the ’80s.

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