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Seizing on a moral argument for the site's creation the homepage claims: 'All our offenders have been reported by local community members who feel these offenders should be taught a lesson before their actions escalate.' Tarnished: User information is not fact-checked by the site who says it is protected from libel under Section 230 of the law, so anyone could find themselves listed and would have to pay 0 to have their profile removed Jezebel noted in concern: 'It treats sex workers as if they were sex offenders - the site literally calls them "offenders." And New York Magazine called it the 'Worst Website Ever' on its Intelligencer page.

Who can we thank for taking down this dangerous predator?

Obviously, it couldn't be left up to local police to deal with such a clear threat to our national safety.

The next day, cops pretended to be a client and set up an appointment, then raided the girls' hotel room.

After detaining the girls, they found Missiadan in a nearby courtyard. Search for clients via online ads instead of on the streets? It's easy to see sex traffickers everywhere when you define all sex workers as victims.

The color of porn depends on where you are in the world though.

Ghana teen sex for mobile

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