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“Oh, so that’s what they look like,” she said, staring intently at one of the pages. ” I asked, peering over her shoulder at an illustration of the male reproductive system. Turns out my daughter had been learning quite a bit about the facts of life—mispronunciations and all—from a seven-year-old chum with an older sibling. “But what I also hear from parents is ‘I want to be first.’ If you want to be first, you have to make sure you’re first; otherwise kids will get their information and attitudes from other children and the media.” That doesn’t mean marking a date on the calendar for one marathon birds-and-bees session.

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(Linda may have a different opinion on that.) After all, I was tiring of the affair relationship and the hassles involved with it in the first place.

As I try to remember back to that period, I know that I felt both a sense of relief that the affair was finally over, yet a sense of loss as well.

This means that when you end the affair you will have to go through the uncomfortable experience of withdrawal before you can get over it.

There are three major emotional symptoms of affair withdrawal: anger, anxiety, and depression.

Since there were no bare-bottomed kids playing doctor in her bedroom or questions about where babies come from, I figured the talk could wait awhile—until her high school graduation maybe.

Getting into sex chatting conversations

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