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She starred in Clint Eastwood's 2004 sports drama film Million Dollar Baby as struggling-waitress-turned-boxer Maggie Fitzgerald, which won her a second Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Actress.

She starred in other films, such as The Gift (2000), Insomnia (2002), Iron Jawed Angels (2004), Red Dust (2004) The Reaping (2007), P. I Love You (2007), Freedom Writers (2007) and The Homesman (2014).

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Originally, the show’s two stars, Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman, were set to reprise their roles on film, but the film fell apart following Brightman and Lloyd Webber’s divorce.

Director Schumacher was always attached, but the ’90s were a big time for him (he had two Batman movies to make, plus ) and he dropped out of the project before returning a decade later.

In 2002, he gained more attention by playing the small but pivotal role of Wallace in the first season of HBO's The Wire.

In March 2003, he joined the cast of All My Children playing Reggie Porter, a troubled teenager, until June 2006 when Jordan was released from his contract. Thereafter, he had a lead role in the independent film Blackout and starred in The Assistants on The-N.

Usually when a director gets a star on the Walk of Fame, the actors he turned into stars come to say nice things about him.

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