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” The few friends that gave more measured responses advised that I consider having a baby second year, if I wanted to go ahead.

Do not come here if you get easily offended and can not take a joke.

One of the best ways to getting a month ahead on little income is to create a budget that you can actually stick to.

I tried every trick I knew to get my car to move, but it simply would not budge.

We sat at the same bench in the laboratory portion of the class, but were not lab partners.

I have since found that, among Wharton partners, I am the only Latino male that quit his job and moved to Philadelphia. I have capitalized on all the benefits of Wharton and successfully outsourced all the responsibilities (i.e. Some of the perks include: There are few of us “official male partners,” and from time to time we need to get together to vent and complain about how we need to send a Google calendar request in order to be noticed by our student-partner.

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