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It's true that hot talk is a powerful turn-on for many people, and that's an excellent reason to use it. Queen recommends hot telephone calls with your lover as a good place to start out with him or her: Another useful trick when beginning to talk with a partner is to do it live, but over the phone.

Top White House aide and policy adviser, Stephen Miller, sidestepped repeated chances during Sunday news shows to publicly defend embattled National Security Adviser Michael Flynn following reports that he engaged in conversations with Russian diplomat(s) about U. Pressed repeatedly, Stephen Miller said it wasn’t up to him to say whether the president retains confidence in Flynn.

The uncertainty came as Trump was dealing with North Korea’s apparent first missile launch of the year and his presidency, along with visits this week from the leaders of Israel and Canada.

But officials have been mum since then amid fallout from reports that Flynn addressed U. sanctions against Russia in a phone call late last year.

The report, which first appeared in The Washington Post, contradicted both Flynn’s previous denials, as well as those made by Vice President Mike Pence in a televised interview.

I therefore withdraw my opinion that "when the fuck", "where the fuck", and "how the fuck" should be kept (e.g. Keep - the phrase what the fuck popped into my head yesterday in the context of "things I should add to Wiktionary if not already there", which is how I ended up on (a) that page and (b) here.

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