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They have around 50 girls already, so on a normal day you will have 30 to 40 available, a normal lineup should be 20 girls or more, if you avoid to come over in rush hour.

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I'd like to include a Yorkshire phrase or sentence, something kind of hard to translate for someone that doesn't really speak it. When I was a kid my Grandpa used to put me on his shoulders and say a rhyme. Hast tha seen our Marys Bonnet, its a stunner and no mystak, yella ribbons yella roses n a great big feather hung downt back.

The jist of it is to see how much of an anglophile one really is. This is as my great grandma Florrie Hall would say.

Just before I start I have recently joined twitter if any wants to follow me at anxietynomoreuk .

I will post on there when there any new posts, interesting comments, changes to the new site and any other news of interest.

I know this is probably an old topic but just wanted to say how lovely it is to finally find the full poem about Mary going to church in her new bonnet, my gran (From Bradford) used to say it to me as a child and since she passed away I've wanted to get hold of the full poem, many thanks to Pam for putting it on here. I´m from Sweden, I am surprised to read that some of the Yorkshire words are the same as in swedish!!! I never heard the word thirsty before I was 8 years of age.2. It would be very nice if someone could settle a bet, there's a lot riding on it!!

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