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Irene is curled up at the end of a yellow, plastic mattress, tapping her hand lightly on the cooing baby by her side.

The 14-year-old new mother is so petite, she barely takes up the top half of the bed.

In fact, it was pretty tough to learn about their romantic relationships and their sexual practices.

Which is all to say that we failed when we tried talking to them in clinics and on the street, and especially when we tried to talk to young women in a Lusaka nightclub. So we tried to dream up a low-key, pressure-free place where the girls we wanted to talk with could congregate with their friends and hopefully open up about their boyfriends, their sexual habits, and how contraception was or wasn’t a part of their lives.

Elena, who lives in Concepción, a municipality in the southwestern department of Sololá, got pregnant at 14 years old in January 2015, about 18 months after she began dating her boyfriend. “Now I regret it, but I can’t do anything about it,” she says.

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