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errr no thanks Glad to see Sellena back and hopeful she may do some videos, and I hope that this big bang show isn't going to be the only output from now on. You say its worse than the exclusives that I AND OTHERS enjoyed.

Still, if it is, it wont cost me anything going forward lol it just shows how stupid you have been you wont spend for six but you spend for cheaper this is why this etv stays alive from you idiots who pay anything if you look around there fucking shows are free being put out by a former employee or in this case a current one I have already watched the big bang with sellena who is back its worse than the shows of exclusives that you thought was so great 2 years ago it still has no good pussy shots and far away to say the least but I did not have to pay to watch I said it before Scottish bloke has told you before but you keep paying for shit when they bring your credit prices down for more shit shows do some research its free and it still sucks So I'm the stupid one? you accuse me of refusing to pay the 6 credits and then, in the same sentence, you say I'm an idiot who will pay anything... You say that if I look around, I will find it free on the internet, post by a current employer, errr OK , why don't you just challenge etv directly on this, If they were turning a blind eye, you've just called them out on it and if they didn't know, they sure know to look again now, and also to find who internally is doing it. Well, thank you for agreeing that the exclusives that you hated, weren't that bad.

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I have just realised, that ETV, probably because of lack of other ideas for show names, were inspired by physics and cosmology, starting with the Big Bang party, continuing wth The Relativity Theory Party.

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