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This was where forbidden knowledge on Mind Control was being shared freely behind iron walls closed to the outside world.

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The existence of this flaw in the female mind had been scientifically established by famous psychologists like Carl Jung, Alfred Kinsey and Sigmund Freud. it's because she pushes every Attraction Button which is hard-wired into our male brains. First, look at this picture:- Imagine this woman stepping into your room, smiling, sitting your lap and wrapping her arms around your neck. If you want the ability to control a woman’s mind completely and make her emotionally enslaved to you, then this is the , you will be using cutting edge Mind Control techniques to directly access her mind, push those red hot Attraction Buttons and make her fall in love with you as quickly as possible.

However, given how For example, our attraction to a blonde, luscious Playboy model is automatic and instantaneous. At the same time, you will covertly If you’re looking for yet another "Pickup Artist" fad or “opener routines” or a list of pickup lines then I’m telling you right now that you won’t find any of that junk here. "Pickup Artist" stuff are not real solutions, and deep down in your gut you already know that they don’t work.

However, there was no description whatsoever inside the book about the origins of the October Man Sequence.

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