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Concerns about passing the school year, graduating high school, or graduating from college with a degree are often expressed. Accommodations are special services or arrangements designed to help survivors overcome and offset injury related limitations.

Frequent complaints from students with brain injury include: Most of the time, school systems are very willing to provide accommodations to students with brain injury. Students and parents often don’t know that many kinds of accommodations are available to help students succeed.

Learning disabilities refer to a group of disorders manifested by significant difficulties in listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning, or mathematical abilities.

A specific learning disability in most situations is a invisible disability.

There may be more learning-disabled students in your math class than you realize.

If you have learners who read numbers backwards, have trouble telling time, confuse part whole relationships, have difficulty keeping score in a game, and have difficulty remembering math facts, concepts, rules, formulas, sequences, and procedures, they may be learning disabled.

The observer sees only the input and output, not the processing of the information.

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