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Others take on a more active matchmaking role, in which computer algorithms select pre-screened matches for users based on various criteria (e Harmony is the most well-known of these “algorithmic” matching services).

More recently, a third model has emerged in the form of cell phone dating apps.

For as long as romantic relationships have existed, people have sought assistance in meeting potential partners using whatever options were at their disposal.

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Editor’s note: We’ve received a wide range of responses to Dr.

Vernon Cupps’ recent radioactive dating Impact articles.

As these sites have evolved in the ensuing years, they have typically assumed one of two forms.

Some offer a “personal ads” format, in which users create their own profile and browse the profiles of others on their own (, Ok Cupid, and Plentyof Fish are common examples of this type of service).

I am not claiming that love is reducible to numbers-crunching, just that data and math are better guides than most “conventional wisdom” on the subject.

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