Filipino culture dating

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After them, the Austronesians or more specifically, Malayo-Polynesians, arrived on the islands.

The Filipino woman does not compete with her husband, but instead is supportive of him. Respect Respect means admiring a person deeply or thinking highly of another.

In a typical Filipino family, the husband acts as the breadwinner, while the wife (whether she’s a career person herself or not) manages the home and takes care of the needs of the husband and the rest of the family. When a Filipino woman is loyal to her partner,she stands by him, through thick and thin, come rain or shine. Filipino women understand their roles in the home and respect their husbands’ as well.

A girl was not seen alone with a man; he did not touch them, not even her hands when talking to each other they were always an arm's length apart.

A man got to know a woman only by being a friend of the woman's trusted friend who would help in case he wanted to have the opportunity to see the girl of his dreams.

It was prim and proper for the Filipina to entertain who came first and always made sure to give enough time for the one who came in last.

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