Exposure dating cosmogenic nuclides Guy sexslave chat site

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When a high-energy proton collides with an atom in the Earth’s atmosphere, it can break apart that atom to produce (still high-energy) secondary radiation in the form of neutrons, protons, and other subatomic particles.

Those particles continue traveling toward the Earth’s surface, likely colliding with additional atoms on the way.

Radiocarbon dating is abundantly used and offers very high precision dates, but we often want to date an event that is either too far in the past, or without the right type of organic matter, to be dated by C.

While there is a slew of other dating techniques to choose from, cosmogenic nuclide exposure dating is useful for relatively young (~100 to 10 million years old) samples.

I collected the samples in the field in 20: Having collected the samples in the field and received funding to run them, I went up to the Scottish Universities Environmental Reserach Centre (SUERC) laboratories in East Kilbride to start the process!

Exposure dating cosmogenic nuclides

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