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These branches included the Toledo Branch from Albany to Toledo and the Westside Branch from Monroe to St.Joseph (near Mc Minnville), plus the Bailey Branch west from Monroe to a sawmill, the Dallas Branch from Gerlinger to Dallas, the Willamina Branch from Whiteson (near Amity) to Willamina, and the southern portion of the Newberg Branch from St. Lumber products and paper are the predominate commodity on these branches, along with some agricultural products from various shippers.

Around the world, the spouses of snorers have resorted to separate bedrooms, divorce, and even murder.

Sleep deprivation has serious physical and mental repercussions.

The Cascade Steel Rolling Mill in Mc Minnville is an important shipper as well, and propane shipments are handled to several distributors.

PNWR was created in 1995 to take over operations of the remainder of the SP's branchlines in the state consisting of the former Southern Pacific Tillamook Branch between Willsburg Junction (near Milwaukie) and Hillsboro, the Westside-Seghers Branch from Hillsboro to Seghers (near Gaston), and the remaining segment of the Newberg Branch between Cook (near Tualatin) and Springbrook (near Newberg), connecting to the existing Willamette & Pacific network to Mc Minnville and Corvallis.

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