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It also includes a more complex formula example that relies on Excel's order of operations to calculate the correct answer.

See Also: SUM Formula/Function || Excel Auto Sum || Auto Sum Tips 2 and Auto Sum Tips 3 Because adding numbers is probably the most common function that Excel is used for, Excel has a built-in Feature called Auto Sum located on the Standard toolbar. You can sum cells in a contiguous (no gaps) range of cells, or a non-contiguous (cells not joined together) range.

Auto Sum is represented as the Greek Capital letter Sigma Σ. To use Auto Sum you must click in the cell that you wish your result, or addition to appear in.

This article will explain how to have a formula run based entirely upon whether an excel cell has a particular background colour.

To do this will require the use of the formula, as well as a short custom function that needs to be written.

This is Excel's default, but you can easily change it.

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