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While the servers are down, you can chat with us online! Kiara will be joining us as well and giving status updates.Ryan O’Sullivan at Adventuresof was able to obtain the Sentinel’s Fate Collector’s Edition and thought some might be interested in seeing the contents. On February 16th, Ever Quest II’s sixth expansion: Sentinel’s Fate will launch the retail headstart! Gather materials needed for tradeskilling Harvesting skills for serveral key quests (heritages among them)Harvest for your own rare components for spells and armor, or to sell on the broker.

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We’ll be bringing the servers down at midnight on February 15th to begin patching to the live servers. Here we are, perched on the precipice of another big launch for our beloved game, EQII.

Next week is a big week for us and for you, the players of this grand game.

We’re all very excited, and hope that you share our enthusiasm.

We want to give a brief overview of what to expect on the 16th.

You can find EQ2Wire in either chatroom as Feldon30. Also some of the people who purchased Sentinel’s Fate digitally from international websites will be getting their keys by e-mail at this time.

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