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But unlike first Australians, the signature of later generations will be more than piles of shells and bones.Humans have invented all manner of materials to help us with our daily lives. Pottery, glass, bricks, and copper alloys will all be around years after we have gone.

One of the authors of the article, Australian National University's Professor Will Steffan, said: "When stratigraphers look at what is forming in the sedimentary record — what will be the rocks of tomorrow — they see all sorts of things that are decidedly different and occurring around the globe at around the same time.""From their criteria, they can see a change occurring and this would be a new geological time period."Here are 10 ways the scientists say humans will leave behind fossils.

Much in the same way as later arrivals to Australia have mapped early Aboriginal movements by discovering their middens, fossil-hunters of the future will know us by our garbage.

A well-preserved toe bone shows the characteristically bipedal feature of a base designed for hyperextension while walking, and bony protrusions that serve as muscle-attachment sites on the pelvis are similar to those found in more advanced hominins.

Interestingly, ; most conspicuous is a thickening of tooth enamel that becomes characteristic of all later hominins.

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