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Ronna is the Founder of THE RELATIONSHIP DOCTOR Coaching Service, & Co-founder of the THE RIt CH JOY GROUP (HELPMORECOUPLES.

COM), offering Professional Trainings for Therapists, Coaches, & Pastors, based on a Theoretically Integrated Model for using the Enneagram Personality System to Accelerate Couple Development and Break Through Stubborn Impasses in Couples Work.

In my search for a mate, I realized that I was looking for a man who was sensitive, not afraid to share feelings, on a spiritual path, and more committed to truth than comfort. Luckily, I didn’t use the Enneagram to even narrow my search and found all these qualities – in a Three!

Had I been looking for a specific Enneagram type to embody these virtues, a Three would probably have been last on my list. How can I find someone to accompany me on that path with heart?

She is the Author of the RELATIONSHIP BUILDERS BLOG, a Technical Writer for Several Enneagram of Personality Publications and Training Programs, and a Frequently Requested Retreat Speaker and Workshop Facilitator in the Area of Personality Style Development and Relational Health.

Enneagram and dating

So, if you a meet a girl who is actually shy, she might just be much more emotionally available for love and attachments than all the other ones.…
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