Empath dating site

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It turns out that most of all the little "daydreams" that I've had, good or bad, have come full circle.

I've never actually seen a ghost, but I can feel presences. The first experiences started more like I was daydreaming, and they were about more mundane things like I would see what each person would be wearing the next day and who I would be seeing.

I was more angry than ever and was able to pretty much shut them down. During that time, I began experiencing TK and telepathy.

I've always been known as the, "overly sensitive" one, and people always told me that I'm too soft, too easily affected or changed by others or that I'm too 'emotional', too anti-social.

I always know when someone is lying, I can tell when people are upset or sad even if they have a huge smile on their face, I get strong feelings from people, usually depression, excitement, and anxiety hit me the hardest, and sometimes I can see aura's it just depends on how strong someone appears to me.

A gifted empath, futurist and intuitive, Ken was a clinical hypnotherapist for more than 20 years.

From that background, he created and developed Heart & Soul Healing™ which identifies energetic patterns on the physical body.

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Empath dating site

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