Embarrassing dating stories seventeen Virtual date game adult

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The leotard has the fluffy little bunny tail on it.

"I was in charge of capturing my friend's wedding on video.

The ceremony started and just as they were announced as husband and wife, I realized I'd forgotten to push record! "I'm a bit of a shopaholic, so there are things with tags in my closet that have been there for, like, years.

As the night continued, the guys in the room were all competing for the gals attention. "I can drink more than him.." ....[Read more] Alright, Me and my Boyfriend are always playing pranks on eachother (he's got an awesome sense of humor, that's why I love him!

) but then one day I nearly killed him for a prank that nearly got me expelled.

But, if the inner lips are so large that they are really upsetting you, it is possible to have them trimmed by a surgical operation.

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