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For information about homosexuality in antiquity, see homosexuality in ancient Egypt.

In fact the most recent Constitution stipulates that Islamic law shall be the main source of legislation (Article 2).

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After arranging to meet with the officer, the man was arrested upon arrival.

He was forced to undergo an anal examination, which found no evidence that he engaged in gay sex.

I begin to slide it in out and of me, going in deep first, then slowly out.

Holding the head of the vibrator almost out of my pussy letting it sit there almost coming out fully as I moan louder and louder, getting nearer and nearer to orgasm as the time goes by.

After Live 8, Geldof returned to his career as a musician by releasing a box set containing all of his solo albums entitled Great Songs of Indifference – The Anthology 1986–2001 in late 2005.

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