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The largest ethnic groups are indigenous and mestizo (mixed Indian-Caucasian).

Although Ecuadorians were heavily concentrated in the mountainous central highland region a few decades ago, today's population is divided about equally between that area and the coastal lowlands.

I am a realistic and I don't live too much in the dreams. I love to laugh and to make other I like everything relationated with arts, music and literature. Bookworm,nomad and old spirit, funny but serious too.

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I like walking in the parks or downtown, romantic dinners, A man who enjoy to live in peace closer right woman.

As every human being I need my second half Casual, or maybe the moment gives the opportunity to wear luxury, could be!!

A honest woman, who cares me, loves me, and IWell i guess i am the best to myself, I am fun of giving love to where its due, i like being around my man all the times.

Love flames comes when both partners understand each other with passion.

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