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Jude Law as a young, American pope in an HBO series from an Oscar-winning Italian filmmaker? Everything and nothing, depending on how you look at it.

If, for example, what you’re looking for is a fever dream of Vatican visual splendor, shimmering around a Roman holiday of eccentricities like jewels on a papal crown, then this show is for you.

We’re introduced to Law’s (fictional) Pope Pius XIII, the former Lenny Belardo, as he dreams he's crawling out from under a mountain of babies in Venice’s St. He puts on his papal flip-flops, heads to the shower (cue first bare-butt shot), puts on the robe hanging from a cross-shaped hook, and then drops it — giving us our second butt shot. Lenny, as you might guess, is not your average pope.

Aside from being young, handsome and American, he smokes (constantly), guzzles diet soda, and delights in doing and saying things that shock the College of Cardinals.

This wasn't the first time of course we shared those stories with each other, but it's interesting to talk about it sometimes.

I was telling him about my first serious relationship when I was 18 year old. Every time we would go out, he would make sure my hair is done perfectly, my nails were done perfectly, that I'm dressed in the clothes that he approves.

Subsequently, ICMR converted this Centre into a full-fledged research organization with the status of a "National Institute" and renamed it as "National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases" (NICED) in 1979.

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